Swimming Pools & Saunas

Swimming pools and Spas
Swimming pools and spas require products that are of high quality, durable, user friendly, maintenance friendly, suited for every age group an don’t corrode. Besides that the colours and the design need to match the interior of the customer. Kupan delivers custom made solutions for your specific needs. These solutions are products like: changing rooms, toilet cubicles, lockers with key locks, return locks, electronic locks, very strong waterproof doors, Non Fire support doors and vanity units.

The experience, style and the ambiance are very important for a wellness centre. As the time passed, the expectation that changing rooms will be a part of the total concept, rose. Kupan is able to fulfil your needs with help of aesthetic solutions. Your image, corporate style and identity can be expressed in small details and accents. We offer a wide range of possibilities to customize your product to your needs.

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