Step over benches

Hygienic work begins at the start of the day.
Employees come from home, but nobody really knows that he or she has been in contact with animls or diseases before he or she goes to work.
Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that there is as much as possible being done to make the employees aware of the risks it entails as they are for any reason are infected.
Just change clothes is not enough but it is an absolute necessity to start with.

Step over Benches come in many shapes and sizes. There is often among the step over bench space where shoes can be stored.
Sometimes, one wants, on the one side of the bank, the work shoes, and on the other side, the private shoes.
We can help you with this task to create a customized step over benches for you.

Our shop is a basic collection with change banks. Click here for models and prices.


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