Essence Line

Essence Line

Stylish design, high quality and safe: words that perfectly describe the Kupan Essence-Line.
The Essence Line is a cubicle concept with a complete safe hinge, making it impossible for fingers to be trapped between hinge and door. An unique aspect of this concept developed by Kupan is the patended sliding, 180 degrees turning and maintenance-free hinge.

The Hinge was tested more than a million time on opening and closing the door. This is equal to 25 years of being used 100 times a day! When using the right colour scheme with rounded soft line aluminium profiles you make an impression in any situation.

  • Child friendly
  • Maintenance free
  • 180° degrees opening hinge
  • 13 mm HPL (Solid Grade Laminate)
  • Finger safe
  • Headrail up to 150 kg load capacity
  • Integrated anti-lift device
  • Best quality in the market
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Quality product

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