Fast wall construction for a build in reservoir. Waterproof, demountable and a big reduction on your budget. Kupan anticipates with you. We exceed and distinguish ourselves from the traditional work method. Subcontractors like bricklayers, tilers and carpenters are things of the past.

People choose more often Duct panelling because of the build in reservoir. It saves a lot of time and money. You save money on man hours, travel costs, building materials and you only have one contact person for the toilet and the build in reservoir.

Why Kupan?
• Two weeks of work on 8 toilets? Kupan does this in one assembly day.
• The solution for you as executioner for a more efficient planning
• We limit your contact points to one building.
• You create an uncomplicated planning and communication.

Invest your valuable time in other project components.

In practice you will be faced with surprises. Any leaks or is it not levelled? Duct panelling offers the solution. With Keku-clips or screws we can easily demount and we can carry out service and maintenance. Unlike the traditional Duct panelling, that is carried out with wood, Compact HPL(High Pressure Laminate) is waterproof. No mold forming and warped walls. Compact HPL walls can be fitted with ventilation or other extras. There are many capabilities because there is no structure behind the walls and the walls are easy to disassemble.

Kupan duct Panelling is user friendly, simple in maintenance and saves you a lot of work. We design, produce, deliver and mount the entire surrounding of the toilet. And all of that at Kupan in one building.

  • Good accessibility water reservoir
  • Compact HPL (water-resistant)
  • No back construction
  • Ventilation options
  • Demountable
  • Maintenance free


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