Comby Line

Comby Line

Comby Line is economic, as robust as Essence and as flexible as Excellent.
An attractive flat front, very robust and extremely flexible construction forms; core values applicable to the Comby Line cubicles. The construction of the Comby Line is a combination of 13 mm solid HPL doors and partitions with 30 mm sandwich end walls. This enables the building of highly stable cubicles with flat front and a variety of alternative constructions. The Comby Line series is usually used for a suspended construction. Or if a flat front is required with rubber protective profiles. Also the Comby LineĀ is a budget friendly option and stands out by the combination of two wall types for colour combinations to give the construction an attractive look.

Two panel types for attractive colour combinations.

  • Reasons to choose the Comby Line:
  • Robust appearance.
  • Combination of 13 mm and 30 mm panels.
  • Flat front.
  • Wall mounting possible.
  • Flexible in size and construction.
  • Rubber stop profile.
  • Budget friendly.

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