If you want to have good Lockers then you’ve come to the right place. We produce all compact HPL Lockers itself. As a result all the possibilities are too large have given the lockers system names. So we have a Code 2-TL-300 represents Locker unit with two doors above each other, and a compartment width of 300mm.

The best selling Locker is currently the second-TL-300. If there is a need for more space then most customers choose a broader HPL locker 2-TL-400. Kupan is very sophisticated and very experiencend in the field of Locker Locks. We know hundreds of types of locks and can tell you from our own experience what is an appropriate choice under the circumstances. Do you have a lock of yourself, we can also install it for you.

In the basic Locks can be divided into the following categories:

– Cylinder
– Coin locks
– PIN locks
– RFID locks
– Online and offline locks
– Locks for wet or dry conditions
– Interlock locks (lock door locks)

Ask our staff about the possibilities. We have self-developed tools to come along with you to a short list of possible locks specific to your situation. A small overicht of our safety features you will find in our shop Kupan for quick deliveries Shop for fast deliveries

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