Excellent Line

Excellent sanitary walls, for a look that leaves an impression.
Kupan is the first to integrate Led light in toilet locks. A great advantage is that you can see from a greater distance if the toilet is free or vacant. It has a save 12 Volt power supply. Toilet and shower cubicles are fitted with silent locks, these make those cubicles the most ideal for hospitals and offices. The walls are 30mm thin and they can block noises and give privacy if they are fitted from the floor till the ceiling. The production of these walls is way cheaper than metalstud and traditional walls.

The structure of the cubicles consists of a waterproof honeycomb with on both sides 2,5mm HPL(High Pressure Laminate) melamine resin panels with a strong polystyrene edge. An advantage of this sandwich construction is the extreme strength and the ability to create more stable constructions. The construction capability is virtually limitless: on legs, with suspended structures, connections with floors and/or ceilings. It’s all up to you. Together with a broad range of accessories you can customize your cubicles from the Excellent line. These toilet stalls gives the users much more privacy then the USA brands.

Now also available with a Led free and vacant indicator

The reasons why it’s the best quality in the market!

• Led free and vacant indicator as option
• Perfect design
• Available in privacy version
• Choice of soft or slim line profiles
• Very rigid and strong sandwich construction
• 30mm thick walls and strong hinges and locks
• Simple to customize
• Executive toilets
• Unique Kupan quality

Application field:

• High-end leisure parks
• Hotels
• Schools and universities
• Theatres and cinemas
• Airports
• Stadiums
• Offices
• Hospitals

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