Comby Line

Comby, economic and robust as Essence and as flexible as Excellent.
An attractive flat front, very robust and extremely flexible construction forms; core values applicable to the Comby Line cubicles. As the name already says, the construction of the ‘Comby Line’ is a combination of 13mm solid HPL doors and partitions with 30mm sandwich end walls. This enables the building of highly stable cubicles with flat front or a variety of alternative constructions. The Comby Line series is usually used if there is a requirement for a suspended construction, if a flat front is required with rubber protective profiles and ... for anyone who wants to be surprised by the price. The Comby Line stands out by the combination of two wall types for attractive colour combinations to give the construction a particularly attractive look.

Features of the Comby Line:
• Visually strong
• Combination of 13mm and 30mm panels
• Flat front
• Suspended structure as option
• Flexible in size and construction form
• Rubber protective profiles
• Low budget variant
• Unique Kupan quality
• Long lifespan
• Durable

Application field:
• Schools
• Swimming pools
• Leisure parks
• Airports
• Sports facilities
• Stadiums
• Industry


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