A sports hall and a swimming pool differ in function, but the sanitary rooms and the changing rooms don’t differ so much. They have many common features: they are durable, user friendly, high quality, maintenance friendly, suited for every age group and they don’t corrode. Besides that the colours and the design need to match the interior of the customer. Kupan delivers custom made solutions for your specific needs. These solutions are products like: changing rooms, toilet cubicles, lockers with key locks, return locks, electronic locks, very strong waterproof doors, Non Fire support doors and vanity units.

The quality of the fitness equipment, the staff and the shower and changing rooms determines the quality of the fitness centre. This also applicates to the storage facilities. Customers who want to fitness don’t want to worry about their personal belongings, and don’t want to be bothered by carrying of keys. Kupan produces lockers with electronic locks that you can customize to fit your interior. You can operate these locks by PIN code, chips or fingerprints. More regular locks, like locks with a key or coin, are also an option.

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