Essence Line
Essence, the finger safe, stylish, durable and innovative cubicle concept.
Excellent Line
Excellent soft line or popular for a style that makes an impression.
Comby Line
Comby, economic and robust as Essence and as flexible as Excellent. The perfect combination.
Kids cubicles
Kupan offers the opportunity to decorate children’s toilets and showers with engravings. These decorations are only available on the Essence line and Comby Line.
Kupan cubicles are designed for intensive use in demanding environments.
Duct Panels
Fast wall construction for a build in reservoir. Waterproof, demountable and a big reduction on your budget. Kupan anticipates with you.
Our webshop offers a great variety of accessories for our cubicles.

360° Panorama beleving

Om de panaroma filmpjes te kunnen bekijken klikt u op één van onderstaande afbeeldingen. Er opent zich een nieuw tabblad waarin u zich zelf in de ruimte kunt begeven door met de muis heen-en weer te bewegen. U krijgt een beeld van de gehele ruimte.


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